TEDxMalmö – världens största virtuella TEDx-konferens

Världens största virtuella TEDx-konferens kommer till Sverige den 12 december där deltagarna får chansen att både höra och samtala med föreläsare som Bruce Dickinson, Therése Lindgren, Wim Hof, Per Holknekt, Heather Mills, Sophie Grig m fl.

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TedX Malmö kommer vara en heldag online med 9 talare, breakout-sessioner, 6 workshops, underhållning, sociala mingelrum och mycket mycket mer! Allt kan ses, upplevas och minglas hemifrån via dator, TV, mobil etc.

Klara talare enligt TEDxMalmö:

Wim Hof – The Iceman

”Famously known as the Ice man because can handle extreme cold, and we mean EXTREME! Wim Hof has claimed 27 world records such as running the world’s fastest halfmarathon while barefoot on ice or snow.”

Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden

”Band leader fronting one of the world’s largest metal bands, and entrepreneur, author and business man.”

Heather Mills – affärsängel och motivationsföreläsare

”This strong woman has went through it all. For example, a leg amputation plus a modelling career with a prosthetic limb. Her message is as simple as it is clear: never give up.”

Therése Lindgren – Sveriges största Youtube-stjärna

”Her Youtube star daily reaches an audience of over a million people through her humorous clips and as if that was not enough, she has published books, received numbers awards and runs her own brand.”

Per Holknekt – Grundare Odd Molly

”Per shares emotional and valuable stories from his turbulent life that would make even the toughest people shed tears. He has gone from being homeless to creating a fortune and a reputation as one of the most loved people in Sweden.”

Lovette Jallow – Raul Wallenberg-pristagare